S Tech

S-Tech ltd is a multi-group corporation providing Cyber, Intelligence and Influence services.

Founded by a multi-disciplinary team of senior officials from various Cyber & Elite units.

about us

S-Tech helps clients succeed in today’s rapidly shifting environment, offering comprehensive, creative, and proprietary solutions that integrate “cutting-edge” Cyber solutions and intelligence capabilities and our unique influence expertise to tackle the most complex and diverse challenges faced by our clients. 

The Company brings together a highly qualified group of professionals with years of unparalleled experience in the evaluation, planning and execution of Cyber and intelligence solutions. Our combined outlook, experiences, methodologies, and overall perspective is the key to our success, skillfully coupled with cutting-edge technology and out-of-the-box thinking. 

Our project efficiency and effectiveness, indescribable yet remarkable and awe-inspiring, is the result of a differentiated approach owed to our creativity and innovative techniques. We are a multi-disciplinary business, having a worldwide network of clients, operating globally. 


We developed advanced tools and methodologies that allows us to unearth information from various sources, including the deep web and other typically inaccessible areas of the internet.

We can handle massive amounts of data and comb through them using cutting-edge technology.

Next Generation Analytics

Analytical skills and solid intelligence is the core of each and every project.

Our team, comprised of experienced intelligence officers, solves complex situations by gathering data, breaking down a problem, weighing pros and cons and ultimately “connecting the dots”.

Language & Cultural Variety

With a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-national background, our experts have a unique understanding of a broad variety of languages, cultures and mentalities, since our personnel successfully operates in 3 continents, skillfully handling practical, cultural and conceptual chasms.

Data Collection

We developed and engineered a unique techno-methodology for data collecting. Our capabilities are based on sourcing a wide range of intelligence, with more than 20+ years of cumulative experience and world class expertise. Our technological solutions allow us a wider coverage, in-depth investigation and 24/7 data collection. Our reach has extended to various strategic and important platforms, including Deep & Dark Web, hidden and closed groups on both Instant messaging (IM) and Social media (SM), restricted data bases and a multi-point Artificial intelligence (AI).

Data Analysis

Using a multi-layered AI and Machine learning (ML) system to analyze all the data collected from our SMUM® systems, the analysis system allows access to unique and quality intelligence along with insights and segmentation according to predefined interests. The system provides the law enforcement task to create intelligence and analyzed the data floor. It creates analyzed points of interest that can be used for a wide range of influence activities and more.


SM & IM Panel

A powerful social media and instant message platform based on the most advanced and unique customization capabilities & technologies, created an influence system that can post and make a wide range distribution to a target audience. The system provides real-time management (RTM) and analyzed information for the performance, the distribution, and the impact capabilities.


Our Services


Combining capabilities using our proprietary Cyber tools and methodology for a variety of uses, such as – data collection, operate campaigns, uncovering negative campaigns, data leakage Assessment, Cyber forensics, active threat intelligence.

Osint & Webint

Providing both OSINT & WEBINT solutions, using in-house state of the art system that provides a wide range of intelligence from SM, data basis, and other intel sources.


Managing online reputation, through a structured, proven multiphase process we can create and modify the way our clients are perceived and portrayed online. We are also able to enhance the impact of our ORM activities through our covert, complementary influence capabilities.


Knowing by Doing, in our field of work one of the key elements is knowledge and experience, this is why we developed a unique method and courses that together with the technology and our tools allows the client to get the best and the most effective results.

Opinion Leaders

Using our extensive network of opinion leaders around the world to promote agendas and content organically and effectively

Smart SEO

Our experts in search engine optimization (SEO) will work to ensure that your online assets receive the priority rankings you need to achieve your personal or business goals.

Training and the Know How

In today’s rapidly shifting environment both crime and terrorism are a growing danger to countries and organizations of any kind, Criminals and terrorists are using a range of innovations and Modus operandi. To fight against these hostile elements, there is a need for constant training and analysis, which includes a several efforts that we divide into three categories that complement each other – Intelligence, Cyber and Influence.

Regardless of these severe risks, the level of awareness among employees in many companies is low and IT departments lack dedicated training and a security knowledge base. Professional training is, for that reason, needed to secure the company’s assets and resources and guarantee its organization continuity.
Using the right methods and techniques is the key to success, without the know-how, we will not be able to deliver. Just like in different domains in life having a Ferrari super car without the knowledge of driving it and using it, it is useless. In the Company we provide full solutions made of two main parts technology along with training and methodology.